5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Mine or Buy Litecoin LTC | Litecoin Mining Profitability

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Mine or Buy Litecoin LTC | Litecoin Mining Profitability

Considering buying or mining Litecoin LTC? Here’s 5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT buy or mine Litecoin LTC in 2019/2020!
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Litecoin mining skyrocketed along with the 2017 cryptocurrency bullrun, unfortunately Litecoin mining never recovered. Bitmain, Innosilicon and other public/private ASIC miner manufacturers have created too many miners for the current Scrypt mining algorithm coins which includes the likes of Litecoin, Dogecoin, and several other cryptocurrencies. Litecoin LTC block rewards were halved on schedule in the middle of 2019, which further reduced Litecoin LTC mining profitability to a level that most residential miners could never be competitive at. It is simple, if it costs you $2 to mine $1 worth of Litecoin, you should simply by $2 worth of that coin. With little mining viable on Litecoin, and minimal developer activity the outlook for this “Bitcoin testnet” coin is looking rather grim.

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00:00 Top 5 reasons to not buy or mine Litecoin intro
00:26 Why is Litecoin mining dead w/ no profits
00:38 Free Ethereum giveaway
00:53 Antminer L3+ favorite Litecoin LTC miner
02:15 Bitmain + Innosilicon made too many LTC miners
03:23 Litecoin LTC scrypt ASIC mining
04:02 Litecoin LTC scrypt mining profitability
04:21 Scott Offord bulk ASIC miner broker
05:09 Litecoin block halving killed LTC mining profits
05:56 D is for Doge & Dogecoin mining (scrypt)
06:38 LTC block halving 2019 12.5 block rewards
07:32 Antminer L5 is the best scrypt LTC miner ever
09:38 Litecoin LTC network hash rate + difficulty
10:36 Litecoin LTC daily mining profitability 2019 2020
10:47 Litecoin mining is not profitable 2019 2020
11:08 Litecoin network hashrate + difficulty chart
12:02 Verge XVG scrypt mining algorithm
12:22 Litecoin mining difficulty never corrected
12:31 Charlie Lee sold all of his Litecoin LTC
13:00 The Block – Litecoin has no dev activity
13:44 I’m not buying or mining Litecoin LTC

Updated Litecoin LTC mining profitability – http://voskco.in/Rhhg
Bitmain Antminer L3+ avg sale price 2019 – http://voskco.in/ct68
Bitmain Antminer L5 best scrypt miner – http://voskco.in/Ll0q
Litecoin network hashrate + difficulty chart – http://voskco.in/VSZo
Charlie Lee official Twitter handle – http://voskco.in/XTTY
The Block no Litecoin Devs Github – http://voskco.in/yy3z
Litecoin LTC Coinmarketcap CMC – http://voskco.in/xv3w

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