6 Reasons why Bitberry is an awesome Cryptocurrency Wallet!

Bitberry is a Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet that supports #Bitcoin #Ethereum #XRP and many #ERC20 Tokens and in this video I will show you why it’s an awesome crypto wallet!

Download the #Bitberry app here:


Here are the reasons I like this wallet:

– Simply sign in with Google Acoount
– Send coins via mobile numbers—easy and fast
– Secure wallet management system of Upbit
– Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet
– Transaction fees are 100% Free between Bitberry users
– Transaction fees are 100% Free via phone number

*Who runs Bitberry?
– RootOne runs Bitberry, the affiliated company of Upbit

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video, however all opinions are my own. Content of the app used in this post was used with permission, no copyright was violated.

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