Achieving a Personal Milestone with Cryptocurrency Investing — Steemian @markpluto's Amazing Story!

Achieving a Personal Milestone with Cryptocurrency Investing — Steemian @markpluto's Amazing Story!

I’m so happy for my friend @markpluto, my first crypto client to achieve **MASSIVE** returns on his initial investment. In fact, yesterday was the day that I had the distinct pleasure of informing Mark that he had achieved his personal milestone target.

In mid-January of this year, Mark took his first official step towards the cryptocurrency markets, first jumping onto bitcoin, and later, ethereum. At the time, he was just testing out the investment potential. Ultimately, he had a benchmark target in mind that he wanted to hit.

## Better Than Expected!

The only thing was that Mark was expecting to hit this target in a few years time. Since his initial capital expenditure was relatively small, and his target so massive, the reality was that he needed significant time to grow his portfolio.

Little did he know, and little did I know, that this moment, this contextually unprecedented achievement in financial investing history, would occur not only inside a year, but inside half a year!

This explains how joyful — and even downright giddy — we are! But it truly was a special milestone, something that doesn’t come around too often.

## Mark’s Milestone is All of Our Milestones!

But Mark’s story doesn’t have to be unique. I’ve been a strong prominent for crytpocurrency assets in recent months, and for damn good reason! I’ve seen crytpos change my life, change other people’s lives, and I know it can change your life!

Without sounding like an informercial, just know that I make no commission off of talking about Steemit, nor is it possible to directly financially benefit from bringing people into the network.

How I make my money is by educating newcomers to the powerful potential of the crypto revolution. If you’re happy, profitable, and eager for more, you’ll want to tune in for more of our publications. And that’s what drives revenue for me.

In other words, this is a perfect win-win situation!

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