Beam 2 Mining Guide – Updated Hard Fork 2019 | Best Miners | Profitability | Nvidia & AMD

Beam 2 Mining Guide – Updated Hard Fork 2019 | Best Miners | Profitability | Nvidia & AMD

Beam just hard forked, creating the second version of their Beamhash (Beam II Equihash mining algorithm). This mining tutorial will show the best ways to mine Beam coin with Nvidia and AMD GPUs on Windows and Linux (smOS)!

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Beam coin, a mimblewimble privacy cryptocurrency coin that is built with scaling in mind has honored their original promise of forking to maintain being GPU mineable. Beam has hard forked in August 2019 to Beam-II or Beam 2 beamhash, their customized equihash mining algorithm. Gminer and Lolminer have updated their miners for this hardfork and are included in our easy to use one click all in one multi miner mining package! With this GPU mineable hard fork, Beam continues to be one of the most profitable coins to GPU mine in 2019!

►Timestamps AND links below!

00:00 Beam II mining guide intro
03:13 Things you need to know mining Beam coin
03:42 Beam II equihash – best GPUs explained
04:21 Beam 2 August 2019 hard fork info
05:04 Best mining pool for Beam coin
06:54 Beam wallet must be online for mining
07:47 Beam II equihash increases hashrates 50%
08:35 Voskage Beam coin mining package download
09:28 How to mine Beam on Windows w/ Nvidia GPUs
10:59 GPU Mining overclocking guide / tutorial Windows
13:10 How to mine Beam on smOS Simple Miner Nvidia
15:59 Beam Nvidia mining overclock settings smOS
17:59 How to mine Beam AMD Linux smOS Beam-II
20:35 How to overclock AMD GPUs Beam smOS
21:02 How to mine Beam on Windows w/ AMD GPUs
22:36 How to overclock AMD GPUs on Windows Beam
23:35 Beam GPU mining profitability 2019 post hard fork
24:32 Beam coin vs Grin coin 2019 mimblewimble
Beam Mining Voskage (DOWNLOAD!) –
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Beam coin block explorer w/ nethash –
Beam mining pool distribution list –
Beam USD BTC price via CMC –
Beam Beamhash 2 hard fork info –
Beam official wallet download –

Mine Beam Simple Miner smOS –
Simple miner copy and paste config for gminer lolminer Beam
Gminer config bat file for mining Beam 2
–algo beamhash –server –port 5000 –ssl 1 –user 3b4916be4baa90467b450dd574713697955bcaf2956958a1299db782d09203e68a5.$rigName
lolminer config bat file for mining Beam 2
–coin BEAM –pool –port 3333 –user 3b4916be4baa90467b450dd574713697955bcaf2956958a1299db782d09203e68a5.$rigName

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