Crypto Trading, Market Analysis and the Future of Bitcoin

Crypto Trading, Market Analysis and the Future of Bitcoin

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In this very first episode of Cryptonites Alex Fazel interviews Glen Goodman AKA ‘The Shares Guy’. Alex and Glen go over a range of topics, from Glen’s early beginnings in trading during the ‘Dot Com’ boom and the lessons he has been able to apply to Cryptocurrency trading. Discussing his methods of evaluating the market and developing technical trading strategies. Along with his predictions for the future of Bitcoin!

Sit tight and enjoy our incredible interview with one of the most influential cryptocurrency traders of all time!

Glen’s book, The Crypto Trader is available now on Amazon:


2:39 Mistakes, failures and losing money…
4:06 Beginning with the Dot Com boom
4:38 Making money with Online Gaming!
5:49 The Dot Com crash…
6:30 Catching a falling knife / From 10 pounds per share to 10 pence per share 🙁
7:25 Company buyout/ Share buybacks
8:01 Defeat is a part of the game… Sometimes you win, sometimes you LEARN
8:40 Never ever hold on to a losing investment
9:48 FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google)
12:35 Investing in UNPROFITABLE stocks. A generational thing?
14:56 The evolution of Investment trends: 1) Funds 2) Dotcom shares 3) FX trading 4) ICOs 19:20 FX trading: 80% of accounts are LOSING money. Is Crypto less risky?
20:45 Losing money is learning ONLY IF…
21:54 Advice for NEW investors!.
23:00 Trading vs Holding: Trend Following is key
24:05 Do not chase THEE one single share or token. Be ready to trade!
26:43 Can’t predict all the WINNING coins token but…
28:30 Vitalik is a true GENIUS 🙂
29:09 The winner is NOT necessarily the best performer!!
31:10 Bitcoin is NOT the best performer in terms of tech, BUT…
32:02 Do Crypto Assets fit any valuation models?
34:41 Is Technical Analysis the main tool for finding good Crypto trades?
35:36 Why are exchange tokens blowing up?
41:22 The “Crypto Trader” book
42:55 FUN FACTS & LIFE LESSONS (Summary)

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Alex Fazel – Host and Creator

Liam Turner – Director, Cinematographer & Editor

Tom Mckerrow – Producer
Dog and bird

Loz Morgan – Camera Operator
Philip Wiseman – Graphics Artist

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