Cryptocurrency Scams – How to Keep Your Investments Clean

Cryptocurrency Scams – How to Keep Your Investments Clean

Wassup wassup wassup BITCONEEEEEECT!!!!!!

Ahh yes, the cry of the ultimate crypto Ponzi scheme. Whether you were invested in the crypto space when the notorious Bitconnect scam entered the space or not, chances are you’ve caught wind of at least one other cryptocurrency scam. And it’s not surprising! The space is absolutely rife with scammers from all walks of the industry looking to swindle you out of your hard earned cash and crypto.

So today I’m going to be breaking down the three major types of cryptocurrency scams we see in the space: your basic “trading” scam, Cryptocurrency mining contracts, and of course the full fledged institutional scams. While many of the methods to keep yourself from falling victim to these scams may seem pretty basic, the space has a large number of new investors that these thing may not occur to (as evidenced by our constant influx of follower DMs asking us to validate said projects). By the end of this video, you will walk away with a better understanding of the red flags to look for when eyeing down your next crypto investment!

For those looking to dive into the blockchain forensics realm, check out Etherscan! It’s an easy to use blockchain explorer that can help you evaluate the codebase and transactional history of any Ethereum based project!

Don’t forget to head over to the My Day Trading Tutor channel for more trading info!

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