Cryptocurrency Wallets. Best Practices For Beginners, HODLers, Traders.

Cryptocurrency Wallets. Best Practices For Beginners, HODLers, Traders.

Last year on Jun 3, 2018 the price of Bitcoin was $7,700, today it is $8,500. Considering, in the beginning of 2019 Bitcoin was at $3,400 Bitcoin is doing quite good, which cannot be said about altcoins. Here is some comparison:

June 2018 – June 2019:
ETH: $618 – $260
BCH: $1,170 – $456
LTC: $125 – $110
EOS: $14.60 – $7
Tether: $1 – $1
BNB: $14.50 – $32
WAVES: $4.38 – $2.52
IOTA: $1.80 – $0.47

To use Bitcoin or altcoins you need to have a wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a software that interacts with a blockchain, and allows you to send and receive crypto.

Let’s talk about the types of wallets, pros and cons of different types, and security practices, privacy implications. Depending on your security risk profile, goals (investing, trading, everyday use) and level of expertise (beginner, intermediate, expert) you may choose different wallets:
– Online
– Desktop
– Mobile
– Hardware
– Paper
– Multicurrency

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What is your favorite wallet?

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