SafePal S1 Crypto Wallet Review and Setup

SafePal S1 Crypto Wallet Review and Setup

The SafePal S1 hardware wallet was Binance Labs Incubator product. This is relatively inexpensive and it is different by being totally offline with their their encrypted QR code solution and the S1 has a battery so it can be used on the go with their mobile app.

This is a comprehensive review and tutorial of the SafePal hardware wallet and I show how to transfer Ethereum from Binance to the SafePal S1 wallet.

Check out SafePal here:

For those who are new to crypto wallets, please see this FAQ (many concepts apply to SafePal):

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SafePal S1:

Get a Ledger Nano X:

Where to buy Bitcoin:
You get $10 if you buy $100 (I get $10 too):

Where to buy altcoins

Correction: 18:40 the S1 does have a battery.

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