The BEST GPU & CPU Mining Rig Build Guide 2019 | Windows 10 | VoskCoin

The BEST GPU & CPU Mining Rig Build Guide 2019 | Windows 10 | VoskCoin

Want to build a GPU+CPU Mining Rig that earns passive income with Cryptocurrency? Look no further! Best mining rig build of 2019!
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► ►All parts used, timestamps, and links below!

► Full GPU+CPU Mining Rig Build Parts List w/ Options RTX 2070 8gb (Shown) 1660 TI 6gb 1660 6gb
► CPU Ryzen 2600x (Shown) Ryzen 1700
► Motherboard Mobo Asus Strix B450-F (Shown) MSI alternative
► Power Supply PSU EVGA 1600w (T2 Shown) EVGA 1200w alternative
► RAM Corsair 2x 4gb (Shown) Corsair 1x 4gb alternative
► Hard Drive M.2 SSD (Shown) Cheaper smaller M.2 SSD
► GPU Mining Rig Frame Shelf Amazon Shelf (Shown) Cooler rig frame alt. Cheaper rig frame alt.
► Power Switch ATX power switch options
► PCIE Risers Same style of risers shown Great PCIE risers also
► Wifi Adapter Panda wifi (Shown)
► USB for Windows install 32gb Lexar (Shown) Windows 10 USB w/ key
► Windows 10 Key (Shown) USB pref.
► Zip-Ties Shown)
► M.2 screwdriver (Shown similar)
► Monitor, Mouse, and Keyboard Wireless mouse + keyboard ASUS monitor
►Power usage monitor smart plug Wemo plug (Shown)
► PCIE Splitter (not recommended) Make sure 8 pin not 6 pin
► Critical Download Links!
Download Cudo Miner –
EZ setup CPU Miner Veruscoin –
MissingDLL error fix DL –
Download Windows 10 (USB) –
Best Ravencoin miner TREX –
Best Ethereum miner Phoenix –
MSI Afterburner Overclocker –
TeamViewer download link –

00:00 Intro for building a GPU+CPU mining rig
01:26 Free ETH Ethereum giveaway!
02:06 Best RAM for GPU+CPU mining rig
03:17 Best motherboard for GPU+CPU mining
03:41 Best CPU for GPU+CPU mining
05:16 Best graphics cards GPUs for mining
07:35 Best power supplies PSUs for mining
09:13 Best PCIE risers for mining rigs
10:37 Best hard drive for mining rigs
11:42 Best GPU mining rig frame
12:28 Best power switches for mining rigs
12:54 Best wifi adapter for mining rigs
13:07 Windows 10 keys for mining rigs
13:28 Best USB for installing Windows 10
14:00 Misc. items needed for a mining rig
14:35 How to install Ryzen CPU mining rig
18:29 How to install m.2 ssd on mining rig
20:08 Ryzen CPU fan port on motherboard
20:26 How to install RAM on mining rig
21:27 How to install power switch on miner
22:12 How to setup USB to boot Windows 10
23:35 Mining rig power cables explained
26:01 How to setup and test mining rig
28:40 How to install Windows on miner
31:05 How to install drivers for miner
33:37 How to build 6 GPU mining rig
37:40 Shelf GPU mining rig frame is best
38:40 Best motherboard for mining b450-f
38:57 Easiest CPU+GPU Cudo Miner setup
43:26 MissingDLL error – vcredist – t-rex miner
43:50 Teamviewer remote access Windows miner
44:24 How to overclock miner w/ MSI afterburner
45:36 Cudo Miner tutorial + Review pt. 2
48:09 How to mine Ravencoin Windows TREX
51:00 How to mine ETH Ethereum on Windows
53:18 What are the most profitable coins to mine
55:55 How much power does a mining rig use
56:30 Cudo Miner vs other mining software
56:54 How to CPU mine on GPU mining rig
58:55 How to CPU mine Veruscoin on Windows
01:01:35 GPU and CPU mining on the same rig
01:02:14 How to monitor miner and profitability
01:03:14 Thoughts on VoskCoin Best Miner Guide

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