VegaWallet – The Complete Cryptocurrency Platform

VegaWallet – The Complete Cryptocurrency Platform

VegaWallet aims to be a complete cryptocurrency platform. Our products and services will cover your journey into cryptocurrency every step of the way. We’ll make it easy to buy and trade, give you a safe place to store it, then provide options for spending it the way you want!

Our platform launches in two main phases:

P1 – Cryptocurrency Exchange
Users will be able to buy several major cryptocurrencies with credit / debit card or exchange one form of cryptocurrency for another. The exchange will have access to large volume order books for liquidity purposes. Digital assets supported from launch include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the VegaWallet Token. The exchange will feature premium features such as candlestick graphs and market tracking with options to place limit and market orders . The “List-A-Coin” program will allow other coins or tokens to be listed, helping to grow our exchange.

P1 – Digital Asset Wallet
The Digital Asset Wallet comes separate from our exchange and is for users wishing to keep their funds in a completely secure environment. Mobile and desktop applications will be available, providing cold and hot storage options. All wallets will be backed by multi-signature technology and other major advanced security features. Easy to use and includes all major cryptocurrencies supported by our exchange. Includes live price updates and data with options to send, receive, and exchange built in.

P2 – Business Extension
Phase two of our launch provides the business extension of our platform. Free to download and use, we collect revenue through small transaction fees and purchases of advanced features. The point of sale system will help run every aspect of business. This includes sales, sales management, inventory tools, back office applications and more. Ability to integrate into current systems to process cash, credit, and crypto presents acceptance of all forms of payment for modern companies. Companies will also be able to set up recurring payment options. API’s will also be available. The VGW Loyalty program will also allow companies to set up a cryptocurrency based loyalty program.

P2 – VegaPay
VegaPay will allow VegaWallet users to pay with cryptocurrency anywhere. This includes locations that do not yet integrate crypto purchases. VegaPay, upon the click of a button, will instantly exchange the desired cryptocurrency on our native exchange for a credit in traditional fiat then proceed to transfer these funds using NFC technology to any modern payment processing terminal. This technology will be as easy to use as any other current mobile pay application without the hassle for bank verification.

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